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Discover Dinosaurs!

'Discover Dinosaurs' is a unique, factual and fun half day workshop that can be run as a morning or afternoon session, lasting approximately 2 hours 30 minutes. It can also be run as a full day booking when combined with our half day 'Awesome Animals' workshop, which also lasts 2 hours 30 minutes with a lunch break between the two sessions. Both workshops include meeting different members of our animal team!


Our half and full day workshops are great for school enrichment days or reward sessions and are also fantastic for holiday clubs and activity groups. 'Discover Dinosaurs' also fits in with the national curriculum dinosaur topic. Our half day workshops can be altered to suit different session lengths and budgets, please email or phone us with your requirements and for a quote. Teaching Talons provides all equipment and materials and with at least two of our experienced presenters running the workshops you can sit back and relax whilst we teach and entertain the children!


Discover Dinosaurs workshop itinerary guide

•Learn how a fossil is formed and see some for yourself!

•Real and museum standard replica fossils including genuine ammonites, trilobites, belemnites, a fossilised fish and even fossilised wood that are millions of years old!

•Investigate how dinosaurs became extinct and recreate a mini meteorite strike.

•Dinosaur inspired arts and crafts to take home, with prizes to be won!

•Fossils created lots of confusion when they were first discovered, can you guess what each fossil is or where it went on the dinosaur?

•Carnivore, herbivore, omnivore card game.

•Meet the animals and compare them to extinct, prehistoric creatures! Are there any dinosaurs alive today?

•Colourful dinosaurs activity


Please note this itinerary may be altered and some crafts and activities removed when adjusted for shorter workshop lengths.


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To transform the way children and adults alike see the natural world through 'edutainment'. We aim to provide fun, engaging, informative interaction with animals that will inspire our audiences interests and passions for wildlife.



"We would recommend highly Teaching Talons for a fun, engaging and informative Dinosaur Workshop. Our Year 3s loved handling the fossils and other amazing artefacts and were thrilled at being allowed to touch cockroaches, snails, tortoises and a bearded dragon." - Templefield Lower School